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Angela Hobbs aka Sojournstar, is an ex entertainer and performer, who traveled the road for many years, including shows in Japan, China and Europe.
Lived in Los Angeles for many years, and worked within the film, tv, and video business, among other things, and was an asst. dresser to costume designer Judy Evans, on Benson and Golden Girls (rip Rue, Bea, and Estelle) as an on call stylist for several years.
Loves fashion, and is completely in love with costuming, (Bob Mackie was one of my favorites) as well as period and vintage clothing.
Show and stage clothing is a big passion, as well as art and graphics.
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MarloDee Designs

Thanks and credit goes out to MarloDee

for her fabulous art.

Patricia Doyle


Special Thanks and Artist Recognition
For her generousity and use of her beautiful poser art.
©Patricia Doyle
I have used some of her art for one of the Themes here on this 
store, altho I do rotate themes, and you may not be seeing it now.
To Patricia, I say a Huge.....